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  • We pack your Love Ya Guts Box. Our boxes are dispatched around the first and third week of each month
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Common Shipping Questions

When will my Love Ya Guts Box arrive?

We send out the boxes twice a month! One round on the 1st week of the month and one of the 3rd week. Depending on when you order, your box may take 2 -15 business days to process and be delivered after your initial order.
Once your first box is on it’s way we will make sure your next box is exactly four weeks from this date!

How do I track my box?

When your box is dispatched you will receive a tracking notification email. You can also track your order through your Account.

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Based on 1012 reviews
Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Michelle Fletcher-brown (Brisbane, AU)
Gut pain, gall pain gone, reflux gone.

Gut pain, gall pain gone, reflux gone.

Please stop sending me this product

DIANE F (Sydney, AU)
Love my gut

I’ve just started using the Collagen plus product, so far so good 😊
I do prefer the harder container it comes in, although it is less in volume. Not sure why when the other collagen powder in the softer packaging has more

Wanda Thurlow (Auckland, NZ)
Magic in a Bottle

I am not fully over what is in this little magic bottle but I add it to my drinks at least twice a day and it has definitely helped with my sleep and overall wellbeing. Thank you Love Ya Guts.

Still new but liking it so far!

I’m still on my first month of the LYG protocol, but so far I’ve been enjoying the ritual of taking each supplement at different times throughout the day and haven’t experienced any bad flare ups with my gut which is a good sign! I appreciate the simplicity and I’m looking forward to seeing how it continues to heal me over time.

Great taste love it

Irene Vambaris (Sydney, AU)
The review you need to know that this LYG colloidal silver does as per its description.

This colloidal silver actually works. Back in mid to early April I saw on Brooke put up as a story on the Love Ya Guts instagram page of someone asking about what to use for a sinus / upper respiratory infection. I so happened to screen to save as I knew that would be valuable. Towards the end of April in the middle of my Love Ya Guts journey I copped a bacterial infection and I got sick quite quickly. The night I got sick (Tuesday night) my order was dispatched on the Wednesday to arrive to Sydney first thing Friday morning. And I started drinking it as per the back of the bottles instructions. Friday morning was the last of my fevers, I had lost my voice due to strep throat. I will never forget Friday morning (before taking colloidal silver) my voice was croaky and I didn’t want to talk to irritate it further. When my order came, I consumed my first 10mls for the day, as I was horribly sick I rested for the day didn’t eat or drink for 2 hours and noticed after consuming my voice came back. And this is no joke. From first thing Friday morning with a severe croaky voice to Friday night having 70% of my voice back. I also made very small cuts on my hands as well throughout the duration of being sick from having brain fog and being in the kitchen. I rubbed the LYG colloidal silver on my cuts and I will never forget when I had a cut on my pinky it was red and slightly raised 15 minutes later the redness went away. I remember racing to my parents to say “this colloidal silver works?!”. Ever since, my partners mother become sick and I highly recommended colloidal silver. Last week a colleague got sick and again I recommended the LYG colloidal silver. Since writing this review I finished the bottle within a week and a half and I should do a restock and keep it on hand.
Also, I was hesitant at first to purchase as when you typically google colloidal silver a lot of misleading information comes up that makes you believe it is bad and how the only thing to cure us is antibiotics, which is so far from the truth. So this here, is my real review. If you’ve read the product description like how I did and thought could this be real? I’m the review to tell you that it is. Thank you Brooke & the lovely team for all that you do by creating such products within the LYG brand and continuing to help heal us all. And I hope this review helps someone out there reading this, and if I was you purchase x2 bottles not only 1 like I did lol!

Jo Savage (Tauranga, NZ)

This Tea is my favorite, so good!!! Thank you !!!

Smooth and Silky!

Enjoy using this moisturizing soap, the slight tallow smell wears off when the soap lathered up, and the Balm leaves my skin feeling well moisturized, great for the whole body, and I like the hint of tea tree fragrance. Being Winter, in NZ, I have to pop the jars in the cylinder cupboard as the tallow doesn't melt otherwise, but this actually makes it warm and creamy on application. Such a great product! Thank you!

Rance’s Men’s Health Bundle
Jobet Panton (Auckland, NZ)
Fast Shipping

My order has been shipped to NZ quicker than expected. I enjoy taking their products. Purely organic. Highly recommended

The Best!

Love this protein powder and will always use this one. No sweetener or artificial flavours. I can add my own like honey or banana but overall I love the taste and my body has been craving it ever since I first tried it.

Helen (Hamilton, NZ)

I really have felt more energized since taking the beef and balance!

I Feel Goid

Feeling great as to take the various hits and pieces I’ve started having delicious nutritious smoothies for breakfast. So far, so good.

Upfront Upgrade Options
Laura M (Brisbane, AU)
Has everything you need!

Loving the pack so far! Haven’t noticed a huge difference but a bit less bloated, craving less and completely changed my diet to more animal based to help my PCOS and I feel like that combined with the pack is helping a lot 😍

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Shelley (Cessnock, AU)
Feeling better

I’m new to bentonite clay but have tried to do what’s best for my gut for a long time so the other ingredients are familiar to me…. I feel like puffiness has eased and the sluggish, heavy, bloatedness has gone. It’s only subtle differences, no massive detox symptoms, but feeling good… I’ve been injured and off work for 7 months so any part of my day that helps me feel better is a blessing

C. (Brisbane, AU)
The BEST protein EVER!

I feel like words won't do this protein justice. It is absolutely the best protein powder out there in my opinion for two reasons:
1) It has NO nasties, in fact is has extra goodies like colostrum and collagen!
2) It is SO smooth and creamy and delicious. Blended with milk and raw honey it takes like a milkshake. Absolutely not grainy and no weird after tastes.
I'm obsessed with this product, thank you for creating something to beneficial that is also enjoyable and delicious.
Five f***ing stars from me!!!

Melissa Beaumont (Elsternwick, AU)
Ticks all the boxes

It’s is such a beautiful texture and mixes so well!
My kids are fussy and I have tried to disguise so many things… this was a winner!
So happy I have purchased, it’s a great product and will definitely purchase again

Heidi Whitehead (Melbourne, AU)
Thank you!

Thank you for making such a creamy protein powder that I know is good for me. I’ve always avoided protein powders as I knew they were full of junk. I love that I am in control of the sweetness level with no nasty after taste. Thank you for all the hard work in research and sourcing good quality products for this powder. It’s a winner!

Renee Reynolds (Sydney, AU)
Absolutely LOVE IT!

It arrived today and I’m obsessed! Enjoyed my first glass with milk and maple syrup for an afternoon treat - incredible and so creamy. Then I’ve added some to my overnight oats for brekkie tomorrow and I’m counting down the hours till I can enjoy it! Thank you for creating this beautiful product!

K.E. (Perth, AU)
Yum! Highly recommend

Taste great no after taste blends smooth I was pleasantly surprised! My kids enjoyed it too even when usually they are super fussy. Will be buying again and again! You’ll need to sell in bigger bags for the whole family :)

Kaylee Cardamone (Sydney, AU)
No Artificial Taste

I love this protein it’s so fresh and you can adjust sweetness to your own taste and mood. It doesn’t have any protein/chemical aftertaste! Highly recommend.

H.J. (Sydney, AU)
Whey Better

This protein powder is so smooth and delicious. Nothing artificial. I use it in my smoothies and it blends beautifully and the smoothie taste as it should. No awful aftertaste or artificial sweeteners and flavours. Thanks LYG

Feeling better already

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Alleah Swearse (Adelaide, AU)
Feeling fresh

I absolutely love luv ya guts products im feeling cleaner clearer and im starting to drop some weight. Would definitely recommend!!