The Ultimate Powerhouse Solution To Increase Low Iron Levels & Reclaim Your Energy Levels Naturally


Increase Low Iron Levels Naturally

Contains High Amounts Of Bioavailable Heme Iron Which Is Not Found In Plant Based Or Synthetic Iron Supplements

Won't Give You Digestive Issues & Constipation Like Standard Iron Tablets Like Maltofer & Ferrograd

Increase Your Energy Levels Naturally Without Relying On Caffeine

Freeze Dried To Retain Maximum Nutrient Density

Contains Bioavailable Vitamins & Minerals Such As Vitamin A, E, D, K, Copper, Iron & B Vitamins Which Are Vital For Digestion, Immune Health, Healthy Skin, Brain Function & Mental Health


Beef Liver, Heart, Kidney, Spleen, 

Gelatin Capsule

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee*

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Abi Hurdley (Brisbane, AU)
Life Changing

As a marathon runner who trains all year, I though being tired was just part of my lifestyle. A recent blood test showed my iron levels were super low and I was put on iron tablets with the possibility of iron infusions. As someone who rarely eats red meat I was also instructed to start eating steak etc. Having used the the LYG Foundation Box a number of times and wreaking the benefits I decided to give the Beef Organ Multi Capsules a go to help with my iron. After only a couple of weeks I'm feeling so much better, less tired, and best of all my running is feeling stronger and faster. The capsules are so easy to take, and I know they are a quality product that I am putting in my body.

Cherisse Dirschka (Sydney, AU)
Iron problems be gone!!

Hands down the best iron supplement I have used that actually works!! On my second month now and the energy levels keep improving.

Rosina (Sydney, AU)
Amazing !!!

Suffering from Anaemia and needing iron infusions every six months , I decided to try these capsules . They are truly incredible I have more energy and have not needed an infusion now for 11 months . Very happy customer 🤩

Stevie Schuster (Brisbane, AU)
Great natural alternative to boost iron

I recently learnt about the benefits of organs and when I discovered I had low iron, I wanted a natural way to boost it instead of making it with the standard ferrograd c. I’ve been taking these for a month now and have definitely noticed an increase in energy and less fatigue.

Samantha Pascoe (Auckland, NZ)

I highly recommend this product for meeting nutritional requirements without needing to eat organ meats. I am extremely happy not just with this product but with this entire business and will continue to happily purchase products for myself and my family.

Tiffo (Perth, AU)
Better than what I've been prescribed

3 months ago, my iron was so incredibly low, I was suggested an iron transfusion. $200 later and a lot of side effects, it did absolutely nothing to restore my energy, iron or health.
I started on these beef organ/liver capsules for about 3-weeks so far and already feel such a difference. I think there's still a way to go, but definitely waking up feeling less lethargic or like daily tasks are effortful. Would recommend if you're looking to try an alternative to pharmacy iron

Natasha (Newcastle, AU)
Love love ya guts products

Love these. Been taking these throughout my pregnancy to make sure I’m getting extra nutrients bub and I need. Products I ordered came fast and loving all the content emails I receive.

Claire Nicholas
Immune Boost

My husband and I have been taking these for a few months now - we have been around a lot of people with colds/flus etc and have not been sick at all! We put it down to the Beef Organs!

Bianca Goode (Brisbane, AU)

Love this product. I make sure I always stay topped up with this one, I always feel better and have more energy when taking it. Thank you Brooke for changing my life for the better xxx

Karen Benge (Whakatane, NZ)
Love this product

I have more energy......so GREAT

Why Choose Beef Organ Capsules?

Bioavailable Heme Iron With Copper

By using beef organs like liver, heart, kidney and spleen you get the ultimate combination of bioavailable heme iron but also natural copper which is vital for iron absorption and metabolism.

Contains Vital Nutrients For Energy production

Beef Organs contain nutrients such as B vitamins, Vitamin A, E, D, CoQ10, Iron, Copper, Zinc these are all essential for our body to create ATP to produce energy.

Supports Healthy Skin & Immune Function

Beef organs contain essential vitamins and minerals that are essential building blocks for healthy skin such as Vitamin A, E, D & K, Zinc, Selenium, B Vitamins, Iron & Copper

Sourced From Australia's Finest Grassfed & Finished Beef Cattle

Not only is this a 100% Australian-sourced and Australian-made product, we selected the finest beef organs you can possibly find in Australia:

- 100% Australian sourced from Grass-fed Regenerative farms
- 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished (No grains ever)
- 100% Hormone free
- 100% Antibiotic-free
- GMO free
- Humanely & Sustainably grown

Straight from the source, the liver, heart, kidney and spleen are simply freeze-dried to retain nutrient value and then milled and encapsulated for easy consumption.

No fillers, no flowing agents, no colours, no preservatives - just simply the best Australian beef organs you can possibly get in an easy-to-consume capsule form

Love Ya Guts Beef Organ Capsules 


Standard Iron Supplements

Contains Bioavailable
Heme Iron

Won't Leave You With Digestive Issues Or Constipation

100% Natural, no filler, additives, preservatives

Safe For Children & Pregnancy

Money Back Guarantee

Beef Organ Capsules

Standard Iron Supplements

Backed by our 60 day money back iron guarantee, if you take your blood tests for iron before using our beef organ capsules and take them for 60 days straight and get another blood test for your iron levels after 60 days and they haven't increased we will refund you 100% of your money for wasting your time and not getting the results we promised. This is how confident we are with the results we get and the power beef organs have to increase iron levels naturally.

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