Collagen Plus

Collagen Plus

  • Repairs damaged gut lining
  • Promotes weight loss & reduces bloating
  • Promotes tissue repair which is essential for gut health
  • Provides essential amino acids that are key for gut repair
  • Contains Camu Camu which makes our collagen have a higher absorption rate
  • Supports hormone health
  • Increases energy levels

This isn’t just any collagen but our very own LYG blend filled with Grass fed and finished collagen, camu camu, shiitake mushroom and kelp!

Our collagen contains smaller predigested peptides compared to those found in other proteins, allowing them to be absorbed by the body more rapidly.

We have combined this ingredient with a few others to make sure that the absorbability of the amino acids in our collagen is enhanced further and readily available for the body.

Collagen: Amazing for gut health, tissue repair & cellular regeneration, skin and hair growth!

Kelp: One of natures richest sources of iodine which is a mineral quite often forgotten in our diet! It is important for for mental health, energy, clarity and of Course our HORMONES!

Camu Camu:One of the best sources of Vitamin C! Vitamin C is so important for our immunity and gut health! It is also great to have alongside collagen as it assist in the absorption of collagens amino acids.

Shittake Mushroom:Considered the ‘elixir of life’ this superfood mushroom bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The beautiful thing about collagen is that you do not need to ‘bloom’ it like you do our gelatin. It easily dissolves in any drink or liquid whether hot or cold.

We love including it in:

  • - our morning coffee
  • - A Hot choice
  • - A cup of tea
  • - Smoothies
  • - Yoghurt
  • - Porridge
  • - Water
  • - Baking
  • - Etc

It is very versatile and has no flavour.

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