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So far so good

I have been using for about 3 weeks. Already starting to feel better, less bloated. Products are easy to take. Finally on the right journey to healing my gut.

Carissa Moug (Porirua, NZ)
Hormonal Health Bundle

This box has been great for my hormone health, wasn't sure at first but having been taking the products for a month, I'm feeling good. Was on the six month foundation box which was amazing for my gut health, no more bloating and fatigue, more energy. Feeling my moods are more stable with hormonal products. Easy to take, I have the powder with morning smoothie or mix in my drink. Love these products.

Anne (Melbourne, AU)
Bone broth

The most beautiful natural bone broth. My family and I drink it daily. I add it to so many meals. Love it

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Rebecca Hoy
Just what I had been searching for!

I have been concerned for a while about my gut health, but so many products out there and opinions on what you should or shouldn't do geta a bit overwhelming. I loved the quiz ( gut health Assessment) to help me actually stop and think about my own symptoms in detail. I am 2 weeks into my first box and already noticing reduction in bloating and overall energy. I love that the instructions are simple to follow and understand, and informative at same time. Being that I am a list of all list makers, I love the tick off daily checklist. Will definitely be ordering another few boxes to really get myself in tune!

Kaz (Perth, AU)
Collagen plus

Love this product, definitely made a difference to my hair, nails and skin. Just a teaspoon in my coffee, easily dissolved and no taste.

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Luke-Joseph: Irwin (Sydney, AU)

great stuff

Deanna Moore (Sydney, AU)
Amazing product!

Bought this purely for the ingredients list, I feel like there’s nothing else like it on the market. The taste was an added bonus! Tastes like subtle vanilla, I have it with unhomgenised milk, my kids like it with milk but a small amount of raw honey too. It is expensive, but I think it’s worth it

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Kaylene F (Sydney, AU)
Easy to follow and great results

Having been in a fit restore journey for a few years I was looking for the missing link and with Love ya Guys I found it. Easy to follow directions, great recipes and enough products in the foundation box to inspire me to join the subscription for a few more boxes and see more results.Grateful for Love Ya Guts

R.O. (Auckland, NZ)

Great go-to product for indigestion or reflux, for me anyway.
I prob don't take as regularly as I should as I take it more when I feel bloated from some foods or when been on medications for a recent injury and want to dispel any residue metals or toxins that may play round with gut flora.
thanks LYG - I have also encouraged my sister who lives in Australia to purchase your products after sending her Fulvic, Tea and MSM capsules - she is now also hooked and it helps both her tummy and allergy-prone skin.


Have reordered these products as have noticed improvement with my hair and nails, also the Fulvic to help eliminate any heavy metals.
Recently took a fall and wounded myself - the MSM along with Collagen powder daily, I know it has helped the wounds heal.
Thanks LYG x

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Rebekah Bell (Sydney, AU)
Goodie box for the gut.

Beautiful goodies box for the gut! I’ve been very sick recently with Covid and antibiotics so I’ve doubled up on the gut issues. As soon as I started my belly started easing within a couple of days! This is testament to wonderful products

Great product delivery was terrible they post with Aramex.

Bonny (Bargara, AU)
Collagen plus

I am just into my second month of taking collagen plus. Since having my last child my nails have been very soft, tearing easily. But I already feel as though my nails are stronger and my complexion clearer too. I just pop It into my morning coffee and I don't taste it at all. Very happy so far.

Kate Szalnowski (Adelaide, AU)
Love this protein powder

Have tried so many different protein powders, this one has a really good smooth consistency and best of all it feels easy to digest, doesn't leave me constipated like others have in the past and it's easy to mix in with things like yoghurt and add own flavorings too (I love Dutch cinnamon). Will be purchasing more. Recommend it!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Karli Moyler (Sydney, AU)
Love Ya Guts Foundation Box

Incredible, in 4 weeks my acne on my chinny chin chin has reduced dramatically. My bloating has reduced and all round I feel really good. I used the supplements while kicking alcohol to the curb and reducing gluten. I will continue on the 6 month journey as I am enjoying the results.

Customer (Sydney, AU)

has me working well body is happy great product

Customer (Sydney, AU)
bentonite clay

it seems to have corrected my bloated belly its working well yayy! feel cleansed great product will get again for sure i use it together with the zeolite powder

Vanessa Buckland (Sydney, AU)
Whey more protein

I'm happy with this product. Especially because my daughter loves smoothies and it is a good opportunity to put a bit of it.

Need it back in stockkkk

Best protein powder I’ve ever tasted and I just won’t be able to use any other now. Hoping it comes back into stock before I run out. So creamy. Best. Ever.

Sarah (Adelaide, AU)
Love this product!

Since using this product I've noticed a visible difference in my skin and hair health. It's so easy to take and I normally just mix it in with my morning hot drink. I've loved having it prior to pregnancy and throughout my pregnancy! Loving all the products!

Anne-Marie Murphy (Brisbane, AU)

Great product, have noticed after a few weeks, I'm feeling a bit brighter and if notice if I missed a couple days the negative effects of not taking the product. Easy to drink for me as I just add to water first thing in the morning

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Fiona Boyle (Sydney, AU)
The easiest way to get your gut health back

I'm three weeks into my first box and it has been an easy, no fuss journey. The explanations are straight forward and the whole process is easy. The emails and support you receive are brilliant. Already I am seeing benefits: less bloating, my body feels better, everything is working better, and my eyes are clearer.

Roxy (Brisbane, AU)
Can’t live without it!

I love this bone broth, it tastes great, like a cup of soup without the nasty ingredients. My skin looks clearer and bloating is significantly reduced when I have the LYG bone broth on a daily basis. It has been such a treat this winter, I look forward to my warm cup of bone broth everyday. Thank you LYG!!!

I had a reaction

I had such high hopes for the tallow face moisturiser but as it was so thick I would need to warm it up by rubbing it in the palms of my hands. Then lumps started to form on the palm of my hands and wrists, though my face was ok but it was only used sparingly there as it’s so hard to rub in. I also noticed that there was a huge air bubble gap from the top to the bottom of the tub down one side, almost a 5cent piece wide.
I’ve since ceased using and my hands have slowly started to calm down through the itchiness and dryness.
Probably not your fault, just my reaction to one of the ingredients and a combination of harsh rubbing generating heat maybe

Fulvic & Humic Upgrade
Emma Hart (Christchurch, NZ)
Wouldn't go without.

I love that i can replenish my body with some goodness that is being so vastly stripped from everything we consume. I also give to my 3yr old daughter who can sometimes be fussy with her food and this gives me slight peace of mind.