3 Big Mistakes People Make When Trying To Heal Their Gut

Everyday we see people who try to heal their gut and tell us they have tried everything but nothing seems to work

The truth is most people are just uneducated and been told the wrong things to do when healing their gut and this often leads to more pain and only exaccerbate gut issues even more.

So in this blog we are going to share with you the 3 most common mistakes we see every single day when people try to heal their gut

1. Thinking Cutting Out Meat Is Better For Them

Over the past few years plant based eating has been an increasing trend and there have been plenty of myths about meat but when we look deeper into nutrient profiling of foods and the bio availability of them they are just not correct, especially if you are wanting to heal your gut.

- If you say but I cannot digest meat then this is a sign you have low stomach acid and your gut needs work and also why taking acid blocking medication will do more harm than good over long periods of time as it will keep depleting your stomach acid which is essential for digestion.

Try having some apple cider vinegar with water previous to your meals to increase stomach acid and add fermented foods like kimchi or sauerkraut to your meals. If you are struggling to digest meat start with slow cooked meats that fall off the bone as they are easier to digest.

Quality unprocessed meat contains essential amino acids such as glycine, glutamine, proline, methionine & collagen these are all important for sealing the gut lining, increasing stomach acid and also provide a whole host of other benefits such as

- Healthy skin, hair & nails
- Improved sleep quality
- Healthier joints
- Decreased inflammation

2. Not Being Patient Enough

Most gut issues don't just arise overnight they are generally an accumulation of things over the years that lead to built up issues overtime.

When it comes to healing your gut being patient and not jumping from thing to thing that is the next "magic bullet" to fix all your issues overnight is key

Being patient and understanding in the begininng of a new protocol things can sometimes get worse before they get better due to the fact you can have

- Die off symptoms of unhealthy bacteria
- Detoxification symptoms from removing excess heavy metals & built up toxins

These symptoms are usually the worst in the first 7-14 days of a gut health protocol and ease off after this but repopulating healthy gut bacteria and sealing the gut lining is the part of the gut healing process that can take up to 6 months of consistency and is crucial if you want long lasting results for your gut.

3. Taking Medications That Harm The Gut

Some medications are non negotioable and are lifesaving but a lot are generally uneccesary cause gut distress and severely impact in the healing process of our gut.


Antibiotics work by blocking bacterial processes by either killing the bacteria or stopping them from multiplying. Unfortunately, antibiotics cannot tell the difference between the “bad” bacteria causing an infection and the “good” bacteria that belong in your gut. As the number of good bacteria in your gut decreases, you become susceptible to gut infections including Candida overgrowth and SIBO, which can contribute to leaky gut and interfere with repairing your gut lining

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives or birth control pills contain unnatural synthetic hormones which are not recognized or broken down by the body in the same way natural estrogen is.

The sad reality is so many women go on contraceptive pills or devices without truly understanding the risks and long term side effect that come with this

Birth control pills also disrupt your internal balance of Candida by causing something called estrogen dominance – meaning too much estrogen in the body. Candida cells have the ability to permeate your gut lining, causing leaky gut.

Other side effects of estrogen dominance are things such as
- Weight gain
- Heavy painful periods
- Decreased Libido
- Mental health issues such as mood swings, anxiety & depression
- Fatigue & tiredness
- Infertility


NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen (Advil, nurofen), Aspirin, Naproxen work by stopping your body’s production of a chemical called prostaglandins, which promotes inflammation, pain, and fever. Hearing that it is anti-inflammatory might sound good but these medications do this by blocking cyclooxygenases (COX) enzymes.

These enzymes produce prostaglandins which are essential for healing and they also protect your stomach and intestinal lining.

This is why NSAIDs can damage your gut and intestinal lining and why it is highly recommended to avoid these NSAIDS where possible as they will have significant long term effects on the body that most people don't realise.

Other digestive issues associated with NSAID medications include
- Indigestion
- Stomach Ulcers
- Heartburn
- Bloating
- Constipation
- Nausea

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