• Potent natural anti Inflammatory
  • Used for leaky gut and Autoimmune issues
  • Rebuilds the gut lining
  • Improves skin firmness & elasticity
  • Relieves chronic joint & muscle pain
  • Improves the bodies ability to absorb nutrients

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Julia R
I’ve been taking the MSM and have noticed my body detoxing gently, inflammation gone, my skin and hair health has improved, and also my gut is definitely doing better
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Methylsulfonylmethane, also known as dimethyl sulfone (methyl sulfone), is an organic sulphur-containing compound that’s used to improve immune function, lower inflammation and help restore healthy bodily tissue. MSM is also a popular joint health supplement. It also naturally occurs in some green vegetables and other food products.

The reason so many benefits are attributed to the MSM supplement is that MSM provides biologically active sulphur, which is the fourth most plentiful mineral in the body and is needed for many different critical bodily functions every single day. Thus, MSM is considered a sulphur donor.

It improves immune function, lowers inflammation and help restore healthy bodily tissue. It is shown to improve digestive problems such as leaky gut, treat joint pain, repair the skin and help the body cope with chronic stress.

The main reason you will love MSM is it Improves Digestive Problems Like Leaky Gut Syndrome

MSM can help rebuild the lining of the digestive tract and lower inflammation/allergic reactions to certain foods. It’s also useful for healing leaky gut syndrome since it can help stop particles from leaching out the gut through small junction openings, where they can enter the bloodstream and ignite an inflammatory response. This is due in part to the sulphur in an MSM supplement, which is important for digestion.

Our MSM also may support:

- Joint health and mobility
- Reducing Inflammation
- Healthy Immune Response
- Promotes Cellular Health
- Skin firmness and elasticity
- Antioxidant Defences
- Body's ability to absorb nutrients
Some of the most common uses for MSM include treating:

- chronic joint pain (osteoarthritis, joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis)
- leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders
- osteoporosis and susceptibility to bone fractures
- bursitis, tendonitis, the development of scar tissue and other musculoskeletal pains
- allergies and asthma
- yeast infections
- muscle cramps
- constipation, ulcers, upset stomach, indigestion
- PMS symptoms (cramps, headaches, water retention, indigestion)
- stretch marks
- hair loss
- skin problems including wrinkles, sunburns (it offers some protection against UV light/wind burn), wounds, cuts, skin abrasions
- eye inflammation
- poor circulation
- high blood pressure
- fatigue
- oral infections, toothaches, gum disease/periodontal disease

Take 2-4 capsules with water, juice or a smoothie 1x per day

100% Pure MSM, Beef Gelatin Capsule

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
KAthy EDwards (Sydney, AU)
My First Order

Hello, I would love to write a review on my first supplement order but I haven't received it yet, I ordered on the 14 November and the shop app says it was picked by Aramex on the 16 November and the app notes says my parcel has been delayed at the Gold Coast..... 15 days later still waiting for it to arrive!!! I don't think I will order again :(

Diane (Brisbane, AU)
These Work !

I ran out of MSM caps a while back and noticed my fingers had become inflamed and i was experiencing sore spots throughout my body. A week after restarting MSM and i can feel I am improving each day ! Thank You


Order took more than 10 days to deliver and then they sent it to the wrong address. When I asked for the order to be resent I was meet with radio silence. No happy

Fiona Hyland (Brisbane, AU)

I’ve been taking MSM capsules for two weeks and noticed considerable difference with my gut flare ups, no constipation or loose bowels. Win/win

Lee Kett (Melbourne, AU)
MSM Capsules

I was diagnosed with IBS and told to switch to a low FODMAP diet however the MSM Capsules have allowed me still enjoy the foods I love and I didn't end up having to switch to LOW FODMAP diet. Great product! 🙏

sprout green (Adelaide, AU)
nourishing postpartum

I utilised msm throughout my post partum. It felt really restorative and essential for rebuilding. You can feel the potent mineralisation powers! X

Tina Nicholson (Brisbane, AU)

I definitely don’t get as sick as usual. I have a very badly broken shoulder with a lot of metal in it. That I broke many years ago. It definitely helps with all that. I also feel like it helps with bloating

Liz Scott (Toowoomba, AU)
Best quality

I won't be buying any other version of this. I credit Loveyaguts products with my increase in immune health.

Susan Grout
How to beat some of the problems of old age!

Hi, everyone, I'm 71 years old, and have - as my doctor once said - "significant inflammation in many joints". His solution was to take half a dose of ibuprofen every day. It worked on my joints, but my stomach was not impressed! MSM has had the same result, without the stomach pain, which is the reason for me being involved with LYG in the first place!! This particular product is amazing!!! Thank you, LYG!


Incredible for my digestive tract and skin

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