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Love every product in this box❤

LYG Tallow moisturiser

Skin is looking moisturised. Better result than the expensive stuff
Not too keen on the smell of Tea tree but its just a minor irritation when compared to the results.

Patrina Forde (Auckland, NZ)
Delicious Digestive Tea

My second favorite tea ever ( first is the Liver Detox Tea)
love the flavors and so nice to have after dinner or before bed

Patrina Forde (Auckland, NZ)
Delicious minty and refreshing

I tried this when I did the first box and loved it, decided not to do another box but I love the tea though so will continue buy it also bought the digestive blend tea

Smells of the Devine Tea Tree oil

I bought this a few weeks ago and have used it a few time, the consistency of it has small lumps through it so wondered if its not mixed properly as it makes it hard to apply.
other than that I have used it around my nail bed as they are quote dry and its helped a little but it still is lumpy and gritty to rub in

Please don’t send me anymore

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Bri Barnett (Brisbane, AU)
Gift of Gut Health

This box of goodies has everything you need for a kick start in gut health. Beautifully presented and feels like a gift to yourself.

Great little recipe cards and info cards - enjoying the products. Particularly loving the detox tea. Not seeing huge results just yet but only on my 2nd box!

Worth every dollar

I’m so glad I bought this ebook. I have tried 2 of the recipes so far and they were easy to make, nourishing and my family enjoyed them. Looking forward to trying the rest!

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Maggie Welz (Melbourne, AU)
Feel so good!!

I have struggled with gut problems for approximately 2 years, this also made me very anxious and I felt I was always highly anxious and stressed. My doctors ran blood tests, stool tests and said my levels were fine and there was no cause for concern, prescribed me a low dose of anti- anxiety meds and an iron supplements as I was a little low, this helped. But I still felt crap, bloated, gassy, tired and old to be honest. At 34 years old I thought this can’t be it, I can’t feel so crap at my age. So I started searching the internet for solutions and came across “love ya guts” which popped up on my FB feed. I looked further into it and omg thank goodness I did. I have been using the once off purchase box for 4 weeks now and I feel so much better already, no uncomfortable belly, I’m off medication for anxiety, I feel like I have so much for energy and I even feel like my period pain has subsided, probably due to not being as inflamed as I had been before using “love your guts” products. Thank you so much for your guidance, community and products, it’s been life changing.

Shipping Insurance
Natasha (Newcastle, AU)
Good protection

Good to know you have protection.

Natasha (Newcastle, AU)
Enjoying this soap

Enjoying this soap. I’m pregnant so trying to keep my curves soft and moist is a priority. Soap feels soft as when using it and love knowing it’s non toxic. Will be ordering again and keen to try out the tallow balm.

Love love ya guts products

Love these. Been taking these throughout my pregnancy to make sure I’m getting extra nutrients bub and I need. Products I ordered came fast and loving all the content emails I receive.

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Natasha Gumley (Sunshine Coast, AU)

These products have changed my life! I am lactose and gluten intolerant and as long as I use these products regularly I can now have the occasional dairy and gluten pill ducts without getting sick! I am so amazed at the results

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Hannah (Christchurch, NZ)
Happy tummy!

Kick started my digestion and gave me energy throughout the day! Need to keep taking it consistently and I'm sure the rest of my symptoms will disappear

Alesha (Brisbane, AU)
Belly magic

This is the second bottle I have now purchased. Very happy with the product as feeling far less bloated :).

Immune Boost

My husband and I have been taking these for a few months now - we have been around a lot of people with colds/flus etc and have not been sick at all! We put it down to the Beef Organs!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Anonymous (Feilding, NZ)
Incredible health benefits

This was a gift to my husband to help him heal his gut. It has definitely made an incredible difference to his health plus without consciously wanting to he has lost a remarkable 9kgs. He has bounced back so well that he has changed his whole lifestyle and feels great. This, in combination with some exercise and proper whole foods, he is in a better place with his gut and mental health. It has been an overall unexpected transformation!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Maria Giakoumis (Melbourne, AU)
Tallow Balm

My son suffers from eczema and I have spent so much money on creams, the tallow balm has been the only one that has calmed his skin. Thank you 🙏

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Jami Glett (Dayton, US)
Like it

I am enjoying it this far. It's easy to use. The hardest part is figuring out what to eat

Dean Cacciatore (Gainesville, US)
wonderful product and service

After researching many companies, decided on loveyaguts. Very happy I did. Excellent product.

Shipping Protection

Love it

Courtney Ally (Melbourne, AU)
Benontine clay

My IBS symptoms are definitely reducing. :)

Love it, it has helped my bloating and regularity so much

Sophie (Brisbane, AU)
Increased energy

I've been taking beef liver capsules for a few months and have noticed an increase in my energy levels. I'm breastfeeding and have 2 young kids, so having more energy helps me get through the day much more easily! I also love how easy the capsules are to break open and add to meals for the family. Thanks for a quality product LYG 😊

Courtney Ally (Melbourne, AU)
loving this collegen

My nails have grown so much since taking this collagen, my stomach has improved too :)