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Affiliate training

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Michelle Wilson

Has this product been tested for the presence of heavy metals including lead? In the US two brands selling this product have been banned due to high lead content? Has this been tested and is it safe

Anne-Marie Murphy (Brisbane, AU)

Great product, have noticed after a few weeks, I'm feeling a bit brighter and if notice if I missed a couple days the negative effects of not taking the product. Easy to drink for me as I just add to water first thing in the morning

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Fiona Boyle (Sydney, AU)
The easiest way to get your gut health back

I'm three weeks into my first box and it has been an easy, no fuss journey. The explanations are straight forward and the whole process is easy. The emails and support you receive are brilliant. Already I am seeing benefits: less bloating, my body feels better, everything is working better, and my eyes are clearer.

Roxy (Brisbane, AU)
Can’t live without it!

I love this bone broth, it tastes great, like a cup of soup without the nasty ingredients. My skin looks clearer and bloating is significantly reduced when I have the LYG bone broth on a daily basis. It has been such a treat this winter, I look forward to my warm cup of bone broth everyday. Thank you LYG!!!

I had a reaction

I had such high hopes for the tallow face moisturiser but as it was so thick I would need to warm it up by rubbing it in the palms of my hands. Then lumps started to form on the palm of my hands and wrists, though my face was ok but it was only used sparingly there as it’s so hard to rub in. I also noticed that there was a huge air bubble gap from the top to the bottom of the tub down one side, almost a 5cent piece wide.
I’ve since ceased using and my hands have slowly started to calm down through the itchiness and dryness.
Probably not your fault, just my reaction to one of the ingredients and a combination of harsh rubbing generating heat maybe

Fulvic & Humic Upgrade
Emma Hart (Christchurch, NZ)
Wouldn't go without.

I love that i can replenish my body with some goodness that is being so vastly stripped from everything we consume. I also give to my 3yr old daughter who can sometimes be fussy with her food and this gives me slight peace of mind.

Amie M (Melbourne, AU)
Highly recommend

Great product. I love that is is unflavoured and unsweetened so it can go in anything you like without that typical protein powder taste. Also love the combination of protein, colostrum and collagen. Saves me buying multiple products. Will purchase again

Great product

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Amber (Rotorua, NZ)

I had great results with this after experiencing stomach and skin (eczema) issues after travelling, I feel so comfortable in my body and happier. Amazing variety and loved how I got some different goodies each month to change it up. Was easy to follow the guide. Would recommend to anyone

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Karen (Melbourne, AU)
So far amazing!

It's only been one week and the results are truly amazing. My bloating has reduced and my reflux has improved dramatically too. Highly recommended. I originally ordered one box then after a few days of noticing the difference I subscribed for 6 months and purchased other products

Amazing stuff

10/10!! As a regular hay fever and asthma sufferer I’ve seen a big decline in the number of attacks I’ve had since adding these capsules to my regime. I usually use my regular reliever puffer twice a day and also if I have an asthma attack. I have barely used it lately.

Jilly (Brisbane, AU)
Colloidal silver

Just bought this recently to try. I used the colloidal silver when I felt like I was getting a cold, I had a bit of a sore throat and runny nose. I woke up the next day and the cold had not progressed. Have also used on my two year old with great results.

S.I. (Middlemount, AU)
Creamiest best ever

Praying hoping wishing for a restock v v soon please

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Lisa OToole (Adelaide, AU)
So far so good

I have only been using Love Ya Guts for a couple of weeks- I am in a journey to heal my gut because of constant diarrhoea, bloating, wind ect in the last 5 years i have developed allergies to gluten and other various foods
- and at first I thought ‘oh my gosh- what have I done!’ My symptoms actually got worse! But thank goodness for the daily emails telling me this is normal (or I might have given up) I’m still in the process of healing but am getting some good results now so I will stick with it . I have researched a lot re healing my gut and I definitely feel my ‘love ya guts’ box of goodies is helping me in my journey ♥️

Paris Boyle (Melbourne, AU)
The best protein powder ever

I have this powder every day I love it so much life changing

AMAZING balm cream!

I really love this Intense Moisture balm, I feel my skin glowing, light and soft every time!
Thanks all Team "love ya guts":)

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Clinton Raynel (Brisbane, AU)
Great product and process

Love ya guts is amazing, have had a great experience with the detox so far, so days worse than others but trust the process and it will work out. Already have more energy and feel happier. Liver tea is so nice with some dark chocolate to finish the day.


I started the kit about 3 weeks ago so far it seems to be making a difference. I know it will take time to get big differences but I am hopeful. This is one of the last things I am trying to help with the health issues I have been having so hope that it will be the one that makes the difference. I am going to get it for 6 months.

Claire (Melbourne, AU)
So Easy!!!

I LOVE the Fulvic and Humic concentrate because it is such an easy thing to add to any routine and I know I’m getting so many extra minerals that I probably wouldn’t normal get! Plus there is no yucky taste which is always a win!!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Terina Ngawaka (Gold Coast, AU)
Happiest gut yet!

I've been using this for the past 3 weeks and noticed a difference almost immediately, just what my gut needed. Found my routine and it's so simple and easy to follow while also just doing life. I notice if I eat something my gut doesn't like, I feel sick!! Very happy to have found this. Looking forward to the progress in a few months time.

Terri W. (Melbourne, AU)

The best protien powder EVER!! and I've tried heaps of different ones. No weird tastes, just creamy and delicious!! My first bag arrived today & just ordered 3 more bags in the EOFY sale!! 🤩

Megan Barrow (Melbourne, AU)
Best Protein Powder

Since using in my morning smoothie it's a lot creamy and
keeps me fuller longer and doesn't leave a funny taste in my mouth. Great product and definitely buying again.

Kaylene (Sydney, AU)
Love it

Tastes good, blends well and doesn’t upset my stomach Thankyou

Early days as only had it five days but easy to take and will see thank you

Gianna (Adelaide, AU)
Consider seeing a naturopath instead

I was super excited to try my bundle and get my liver and gut back into gear, but a couple weeks into using the products, I started getting red bumps on my face. I thought it was my skin ‘purging’ and that it would get worse before it got better.. But realising that it was only getting worse, I ended up stopping — it seemed to have triggered perioral dermatitis. I rarely leave reviews, but this product caused more harm than good for me, so perhaps see a naturopath for more holistic help prior to buying.