Love Ya Guts Bentonite Clay

What is bentonite clay?

"Eat dirt?" Yes, we know it sounds a little strange BUT let us convince you why we have added this product into our Love Ya Guts Boxes.

Bentonite Clay is derived from volcanic ash. The clay particle is made up of 60-80 trace minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, Sodium, Iron and Potassium. It carries a negative charge which bond with positive charges present in toxins and the like and attracts the toxicity present in our digestive system such as chemicals, heavy metals and general endotoxins from our metabolism and helps release them from the body.

How bentonite clay works?

There are four main ways that bentonite clay works in the body:

1. Balances - It is homeostasic. Your body can be too acidic or too alkaline and is always striving to be in homeastasis (which is a balanced pH). Bentonite clay helps balance pH levels rather than over alkalising the body.

2. Detoxifies - Its strong negative charged ions pull, hold & capture positive charged ions which are present in toxins, viruses, moulds, yeast, heavy metals and radiation. This is made possible by its tremendous absorption ability.

3. Stimulates - It draws blood flow and oxygen , stimulating circulation and the flow of energy necessary for cellular repair and revitalisation.

4. Restores - Clay holds 60-80 trace minerals that are often lacking in the body.


Benefits ?

When taken daily, bentonite clay has the ability to sweep clear forms of bacteria and eliminate parasites and intestinal worms from the body. It contains essential minerals which are all beautiful for promoting healthier skin, hair and nails. It essentially cleans and help get rid of toxins from the body.

Some main benefits include:

  • Improved intestinal regularity
  • Relief from constipation or diarrhoea
  • Relief from indigestion and ulcers
  • Improved energy
  • Clearer and brighter complexion
  • Brighter and whiter eyes
  • Enhanced alertness and clarity
  • Improved tissue and gum repair
  • Increased resistance to infections

How to use our bentonite clay?

You can also use our clay externally to help draw out toxins from the body! The skin is the largest organ of your body and can be considered the outward reflection of what's happening inside. Used topically, Bentonite Clay pulls out excess oils & impurities, infections, stimulates circulation, promotes cellular repair and detoxifies.

Ways to take the clay externally?

Create a Clay Mask
* 1 tsp LYG bentonite Clay
* 1 tsp Apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”)
* 1 tsp of purified water
* 1 glass, wooden or plastic bowl
* 1 wooden, plastic spoon
Mix all the ingredients together and apply to the face. Leave for 10 mins max…don’t let it dry. And then wash off!


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