What causes imbalances in our gut microflora?

Here are 3 of the biggest causes to imbalances in our gut microflora


- When the mind or body are under stress (or Distress), the lining of the Gastrointestinal tract changes and creates and environment that reduces the amount of beneficial flora (good gut bugs).

- Motility in the gut (peristalsis) may slow down which means that the food we eat can be broken down by different and possibly harmful bacteria.

- Candida can increase significantly at these times

- Increases the number of inflammatory markers in the body which diverts attention away from digestion and to other organs.


- A diet high in refined sugar and flours creates an imbalance of unhealthy gut flora to healthy flora.

- A diet low in fibre and colourful vegetables reduces the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut

- Alcohol and caffeine can prevent the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients that the beneficial bacteria need to thrive

- A low fat diet can prevent the production of short chain fatty acids which produce butyrate. Butyrate is essential for a healthy microbiome.


- Unfortunately, the action of most antibiotics is not specific, so the harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria are both destroyed together.

- lactobacilli and bifidobacteria (two very important bacterias) are both particularly sensitive to antiobiotic use and fall dramatically following treatment.

- the reduction of beneficial flora leaves the intestines open to pathogens and we usually see yeast overgrowth or candida present as a side effect.

- This is made worse when there is recurring antibiotic use as the harmful bacteria have become drug resistant and only the beneficial bacteria are killed off.

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