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Martina Vasileva (Brisbane, AU)
We love it

I give it to my toddlers every day and I take it too. So important to now miss out on the minerals and stay healthy ❤️


This is probably the best herbal tea blend I have ever tried!
It is so smooth and the flavours are beautiful.
I haven't had the tea long enough to see any changes just yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it after a meal.

Sarah (Adelaide, AU)
Best supps ever!

I first started on the foundation box and added beef liver.
I found such a huge difference in mood, energy & even seeing my iron/ferritin levels improve.
So when I found out I was pregnant I immediately knew I needed to continue with these products. The pregnancy bundle has been great & I love agri g able to add the capsules into my sons smoothies and food to add more nutrients and minerals to his diet.

Maddie (Perth, AU)
Love them!

Have been taking these for almost a week now and feel like they’re really supporting my energy during the day, being 5 months postpartum!

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Suzannah Watkinson (Adelaide, AU)
Highly recommended!

The LYG box is a game changer! The results speak for themself. I didn't realise how much of what I thought was extra weight, was actually just inflammation. I am feeling amazing! And this is only box 1....I'm excited to see how I'll feel after box 6🙏

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Karen C (Papamoa, NZ)
foundation box

I love the products in love ya guts. Easy to take, good results.

Great service

The bone broth soup is really good.we all love it in our family. Nice to have as an afternoon drink as well. It feel very nourishing and warming .

Upfront Upgrade Options
Nicole Leal (Perth, AU)

I’ve just completed my first box and I have way more energy, feel much happier and sugar craving have gone! Amazing! Excited to see how box no 2 goes.

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Ashlea Caygill (Sydney, AU)
month 3 and starting to feel good

I love this box because it is so simple to follow and not an overwhelming amount of products to add into your life and schedule. Got me feeling good after 3 months

So far so good!

I have only been using this for about 2 weeks, but I have already notice a massive difference in my digestion! I wasn’t expecting to see any changes until I had finished the packet, but I am so impressed so far!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Sarah Ashwell (Christchurch, NZ)
6 month subscription

Absolutely loving the LYG boxes being sent out every month. My acid reflux is nowhere near as bad as it was. Feels great knowing I made the right decision in purchasing the LYG boxes for my son and I. Both feeling healthier within ourselves. Thank you 😊

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Lauren McCulloch (Melbourne, AU)
Love these products!

I am currently doing the love ya guts foundation box/first box and these products are amazing!
Such high quality and easy to take, I find it easy to fit them in to my day, and they don’t have an unpleasant taste which is a bonus!
I am feeling great on this program and will Definitely be continuing on with the second box and beyond!
Also Brooke and the love ya guts team are so supportive and helpful with answering any questions and queries, plus you get so much information to read and learn about gut health, that you really can’t go wrong. Would highly recommend!

Love this product

I have more energy......so GREAT

Best natural iron source

I have found these capsules to be great alternative to regular iron supplements. I have been taking them consistently and my energy levels have definitely improved alongside my recovery from exercise. For first time in long time I am not tired all the time and have none of the terrible side effect of regular iron supplements. Very happy 😊

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Karlene Teao (Brisbane, AU)
Love it - I am feeling AMAZING

I am 1 week in - I have already noticed I am not bloated, my stomach feels flatter. I am having regular daily bowel movements - The products are easy to take, i really enjoy the daily emails i am receiving so educational. The recipes in the LYG apps are awesome too - have cooked many now. The eating is great too - it is really simple once you understand how to build a meal. I am really enjoying and look forward to the coming weeks. Energy levels are approving too.

Nina Ferrie (Ballarat, AU)

I have tried liver, lambs fry, brains and can not father ha ha I am a body builder and have the convenience of casuals is the bomb and especially being free range 😀 I chase for creatine in foods and these casual provide and also provide energy for human bodies . Thank you loveyaguts 😍

susan dodd (Brisbane, AU)
Liver Detox

Nice blend of tea and seems to work really well. My husband doesn't normally drink tea but likes this blend

Pregnancy Gift

I absolutely LOVE the Love Ya Guts Spleen capsules.
Easy to take and wonderful results for lasting vitality during my third trimester of third pregnancy
A wonderful product I will continue to keep on my bench
My kids also love them!!

So far so good

I have been using for 2 weeks… I have noticed less trouble on the toilet but still bloated and having stomach pain.

Going to stick with it and see how I go in the long term.

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Aimee Jones (Auckland, NZ)
Month one, first box

I’m not super impressed yet, I thought there would be far more information given and I was expecting daily emails. Minimal guidance available on meal planning
Facebook page does have information but this is not easy to navigate and find
I’m tied in for the three months so I’ll stick with it but I will be cancelling

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Tracey Hamilton (Tauranga, NZ)
Foundation Box

I am onto my fourth box now and loving the results. After only the first day I felt the results of these products. My bloating and after food pain has improved hugely, my energy levels and mental health feels stronger, skin clearer, sleep more contented. The info and support along the way has been super helpful too.

Didn’t really feel the difference but it change my eating habits

Great product just hard to cancel subscription

I’ve really loved the multi beef organ caps, it’s been a great way to get some extra goodness into my kids.. however I’ve had a subscription and I’ve been attempting to cancel it for a couple months now and I’ve had no response. It suits us better to order when needed. So my only advice would be not to sign up for a subscription.. otherwise I’m super happy with it!

Ingrid Jones (Adelaide, AU)

Love fulvic humic. Since starting on this energy has improved dramatically. Moods are in a great place. Skin is looking great. Definitely experiencing a good major change in my health status

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Sandra Larymore (Sydney, AU)
My Journey

I have only been on LYG introduction for 14 days but already experiencing some obvious changes with my inflammation pain, bloating & sleep patterns, I look forward to the next 15 days & learning more about my gut