Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Love Ya Guts Box?

The Love Ya Guts Box is a box full with the most essential, foundational supplements that each women needs to start healing their gut. Each month we send out a new supply of these beautiful products ...with a few added goodies. Each new months supply is intended to keep you consistent and excited about the journey and process of healing your gut. It is one day at a time. Which is why we give you a months supply and help you each and every single day.

How much does it cost?

The Love Ya Guts Subscription Box starts at just $71.40/month. The prices vary depending on your subscription option and how consistent you are.
Shipping on all of our subscription options also varies depending upon the region you are in.  

How do I subscribe to a Love Ya Guts Box?

Starting your Love Ya Guts journey is super simple. Just click here to choose which plan suits you best.

How do the Love Ya Guts team choose what is in the box?

We have relentlessly researched, tested and collaborated with a few amazing products that have all been specifically chosen for a purpose within the box. Each product has certain properties, herbs, mechanism of action and functions within the digestive system that are necessary when starting to heal the digestive system.
We have made sure each product has a purpose and will support you in your journey. All are 100% organic and natural supplements suited to the Love Ya Guts mission.

Can I try just one box?

Yes! Although we recommend a longer journey with us, you are more then welcome to just buy one box.

We are only available as part of a subscription but if you’d like to just try one box, then sign up for the one month subscription which can be cancelled at anytime. We just need 5 days notice so we don’t have you second box packed and ready.

Can I add other things to my box?

Yes! Each month we have new and exciting products that can be added to your box. Either on a subscription method or just as a once off! Each product is 100% supported by Love Ya Guts and are all apart of the process. We highly recommend adding these into your boxes.

How often do the LYG boxes get shipped?

We now ship every week day.


How do I change my payment information?

Just simply log into your account and click the ‘Manage your Subscription’ button. Click on billing information, then choose the ‘update card’ option. Make sure you save all of your changes!

How do I change my address?

Just log in to your account and click the ‘Manage your subscription’ button. Then chose ‘Edit’ to change your shipping information.
Please make sure you change your address with at least 7 days notice before the next box delivery. If you have missed the cut off time please email to check.

How can I get a refund?

Love Ya Guts does not offer refunds or partial refunds. For monthly, 3, 6, 12 month subscription plans that have already started; Love Ya Guts Box may at it’s own discretion decide to offer a refund under certain circumstances. Please email

What are your Billing & Cancellation Policies?

All subscriptions automatically renew unless cancelled by sending an email to:

You will be billed every 4 weeks automatically unless we receive cancellation notice.
The 3 and 6 month subscriptions are a commitment to that entire length of time. Only the month to month subscription allows cancellation at least 5 days before the renewal date.

If you do choose to cancel the 3 and 6 month subscription there is a cancellation fee of one months payment.

If I cancel, will I still receive all of my boxes?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime (except for the month to month subscription for which we require 5 days notice for your cancellation) and will still receive all the boxes remaining on your subscription.

When am I billed?

You will be billed the day you sign up to Love Ya Guts box. Continuing this, you will be placed on our advanced billing cycle of every four weeks.

Based on 774 reviews
Janine Butters (Cambridge, NZ)
Rest & Restore Sleep Bundle

Highly recommend loveyaguts products my sleep has improved & my energy levels & bloating as well as I’m now in post menopause. Really great products & easy to add into my daily routine thank you ☺️

Julie Kopp (Melbourne, AU)
Amazing product

Since I’ve been talking Fulvic & Humic it’s benefited me mentally knowing I’m creating a much better outcome for my whole body. This being an additional nutrient that I’m having I feel more benefits.

Monica (Sydney, AU)
Love this Collagen Product

I like that I can mix it with my coffee in the mornings. And I've noticed that my hair has been shedding less, and I'm just halfway through my first bottle! Will definitely take this product regulary, along with the fulvic & humic concentrate, msm capsules and bentonite clay!

First time user

Been using this for a couple of weeks now and already noticing the difference! Bloating and gas reduced! And generally feeling better 😊

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Nikki Polain (Perth, AU)

Already seeing less bloating and feeling more energetic after only a week on the foundation box. Not just great products but also such a comprehensive education program about dietary effects on your gut., and what to eat for healthy gut function. Thankyou LYG!!


First class Collagen, really happy with it. Will purchase again.

Hunter McGarrigle (Sydney, AU)
Nutritious & Delicious

Brought the bone broth alongside some Tallow soap and enjoying adding it into my day in the morning and routine.

Highly recommend Love Ya Gutz

My partner & I have been taking the Foundation box for a month & it's the best cleanse we ve had Its simple to fit into your daily routine My gut feels much better more energy We have definitely noticed a change I also LOVE the sleep tea in addition to the box We have ordered another 3 months Give it a go 😊

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
KELLY besim (Melbourne, AU)

Am loving the foundation box so much. Only in first month but stomach bloat has reduced significantly and skin and eyes are absolutely glowing. Cant wait to see what results I get at the end of 6 months. Easy to take supplements with lots of information on how to take them and amazing nutrition advice.

Roxy (Brisbane, AU)
Can’t live without this stuff!!

I am 9 months pp and cannot function without these products. As a sleep deprived new mum, I depend on the beef liver capsules for energy. They really do make all the difference, plus I have peace of mind knowing I’m getting some good nutrients. I also experienced hair loss after Bub and after roughly 2-3 months of taking the collagen, I have so much baby hair growing back. My skin has less breakouts these days, did I already mention I love this stuff?

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Anna Norton (Hamilton, NZ)
An effective and easy approach to gut health

I am halfway through my first month of LYG foundation box. The products are easy to use and I love how flexible everything is being able to time the products to suit me. I have experienced an immediate improvement in bowel movements ease and frequency. Try happy with this programme and quality of products.

Bertwistle Mitchell (Brisbane, AU)
Great product

Love the product! Always had red and dry skin and this product has helped!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Josie Clarke (Auckland, NZ)
Loving it

Super educational and rewarding

Brodie A (Sydney, AU)
Nice taste

Too early to tell if it's having a positive effect on my liver detox but it tastes nice and seeps easily

Brodie A (Sydney, AU)
Collagen substitute

I originally for this just to mix up my Collagen supplements and I have really enjoyed it. I mix it with my bone broth and have been using it in soups and sauces. Good way to boost protein

Brodie A (Sydney, AU)
Nice broth

This is my first time ever drinking bone broth so it took a few cups to get used to the idea of drinking what it actually is, but now I drink several a day and look forward to it. I drink it with the gelatine and it's a nice mixture.

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Annette Savage (Sydney, AU)
So glad I found this company!!!

I have only just started my first love ya guts box about one week ago and I cannot rave about their products enough!! Every thing is so gentle on your tummy, the information provided is unbelievable! I am really enjoying the process as well as looking after my heath! Highly recommend to everyone!! Not only people with tummy issues! 10/10 from me Thank you ♥️

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Lucinda (Brisbane, AU)
Very happy with the subscription.

I am on my second box of ‘Love ya guts’. I have noticed significant decrease in bloating and my hormones have settled. Im excited to see what my body will feel like after 6months.

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Lydia Carmichael (Sydney, AU)
Incredible 10/10

I've tried so many products for my digestive issues over the years. I have finally found the holy grail for me. My bloating has actually decreased and I feel more confident within myself. 10/10.!! Big love <3

Brooke C (Perth, AU)

Used skim through pregnancy and now breastfeeding - such a great product with amazing benefits you can feel the difference


Amazing texture, smell and feel! Leave the skin glowing and hydrated

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Tash Hansen (Palmerston North, NZ)
Absolutely in love

Love the tea I had it every night before bed, I think that was my favourite

My favourite collagen ever I love the extra ingredients, my hair and nails are amazing, and I love how it doesn't have a taste!! So you can literally add it to everything, one of my fav products!

I have been taking a mix of the different capsules and when I ran out I noticed the difference, they work so well at keeping my iron levels, energy, focus and just overall everything feels better with these, love them!

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Pirihira Rakete (Auckland, NZ)
Feeling good

Can definitely feel the difference