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Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Jojo (Adelaide, AU)

I first do 3 months subscription and add to 6 months before trying it.

When i do my first boxes I thought i want to cancel it, but I cant.
So i keep going and take the first box plus adding extra probiotic capsule from chemist.

My main reason trying this box because i get psoriasis/eczema(not too sure), and regular dr only keep prescribing me a steroid cream. But everytime i use them its work like a magic and suddenly become like virus when i stopped. Im in the point my neck was very dry(turn to brown red colour , like i got sunburn and its very dry and painful whenever i moved my neck). Its also spread to my belly, inner thigh(bikini line) and my arms. All i want is to cry.

I start taking the box with probiotic and watch what I eat, also throw away my steroid creams , and use tallow cream instead.

Now im in my box 4 delivery(but i just finished my box 1, im been slacked) and planning to take everything as per instructions. Also my skin is now smooth like nothing happens.

E.B. (Sydney, AU)
Don’t go by the smell

Tastes 1000x better than it smells and you can just feel the goodness and warmth radiate through your body. Wish it was a little cheaper for the size of the bag. Organic Chicken broth option would be fab too

Lovely addition to my health make over

Have really enjoyed adding this pack into my health change. Have definately felt less bloated!!

Brooke C (Perth, AU)
Love this product

Improved my energy levels throughout pregnancy and postpartum. A must!

Chantel P (Adelaide, AU)
Bowel movements improved, No more dhiareea!

I was experiencing loose/dhiareea every other day, my bowel movements were never consistent, nor did i feel like I was emptied completely after using the loo.
I have been using this product for 3 weeks now, and I'm in love!
I have no more loose stools, no dhiareea, long and emptying bowel movements once a day(morning), which if you haven't had before I can tell you are only satisfying. I've struggled so many years in this are, I'm so happy to have found the product to fix it.
Remember to drink that large second glass over water after the clay water, I had 1 day of constipation and I know it was because I slacked off with my fluid intake, it took a couple glasses of warm warm with fulvic and I was back on track.

Jessie A (Port Macquarie, AU)

Love that I can open the capsules and add it to my 3yr olds food. I mix it through natural peanut butter or into smoothies so the whole family can benefit. :)

One month trial

Well, not sure where to start. I’m not on facebook so may of missed out in that respect. I don’t burp since taking, nor have I had indigestion. I will never have another herbal tea as long as I live! I think Brooks daily email is just invaluable. Really helps to keep me on track. Thankyou for the opportunity to try something helpful that is Pure and Natural! Bit too expensive for me to do any longer.

Carol Russell
Fantastic product

Love love love this beef gelatine. Such a great product. Having had bowel cancer twice I wanted to improve my gut health.

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
I.G. (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Zero compassion

Would not recommend this product at all. I subscribed to the 6 month box and can no longer afford it. I reached out to the team and they blatantly showed no compassion and I now have to accept that I need to pay for something I can't afford this month. Would not recommend going on this journey with a team that is only money hungry.

N.D. (Hamilton, NZ)
Sensitive Skin

🇬🇸 I love using this chemical free soap, as it keeps my face and body soft throughout a busy day. It's true it really is good! Even my son used it for his eczema aswell and my children seen the same package delivered in our neighborhood so it's popular. 🇬🇸

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Jodie (Melbourne, AU)
So happy

I’m on my second box and couldn’t be more grateful to Brooke for putting this box together. Love all the products and find them very easy to take. I’ve started the heavy metal detox and boy I must have quite a bit in my body as it’s made me fatigued and nauseous but I’m pushing through as I felt amazing after the first box.

Miracle in a jar

A little goes a long way with this amazing product. It’s been years and I means YEARS since I’ve felt comfortable going out without makeup. My skin has cleared up, the smell is amazing and it’s light on your skin. I’m so happy I tried this and will definitely purchase again

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Laura Unasa (Wellington, NZ)
Life changed!

I have been taking this for a month now and my skin feels amazing. I haven't had any bloating and I feel amazing! And I am more aware of what I am putting into my body too! Lets get back to real food and all those things we are missing out on.

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Wendy Hargreaves (Melbourne, AU)
Feeling good!

I’ve been using the detox products for a while now and feel I am seeing benefits. It certainly reduces sugar cravings and brain fog. The products like the clay seem to lift mood and motivation too. I’m very pleased I found this site.

Favourite tea I have ever had!! So delicious and good for your gut. Thank you :)

Helga (Lower Hutt, NZ)
Great products and service

What a package; great products and great service. Im definitely feeling the difference in energy with this pack. Thank you

Nicole Awabdeh (Melbourne, AU)
Great iron supplement

Using this to increase my iron levels, been really good so far. Drinking them with water, no side affects or anything, feeling great and have more energy. Thanks again!

K.L. (Sydney, AU)
So delicious

I would drink this just based on flavour but it’s also got all the great liver detox benefits. My new favourite tea that I’ll be reordering!

Awesome cleanse for IBS sufferers

I have had chronic IBS for a number of years. The bentonite clay and MSM are initially intense as they clear through the gut. Sid experience a fair bit of tiredness at the start too. But ultimately sleeping much better, skin looks amazing and a sense of well being has set in. Would recommend this product to any IBS sufferers looking ti reset.

Martina Vasileva (Brisbane, AU)
We love it

I give it to my toddlers every day and I take it too. So important to now miss out on the minerals and stay healthy ❤️


This is probably the best herbal tea blend I have ever tried!
It is so smooth and the flavours are beautiful.
I haven't had the tea long enough to see any changes just yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying it after a meal.

Sarah (Adelaide, AU)
Best supps ever!

I first started on the foundation box and added beef liver.
I found such a huge difference in mood, energy & even seeing my iron/ferritin levels improve.
So when I found out I was pregnant I immediately knew I needed to continue with these products. The pregnancy bundle has been great & I love agri g able to add the capsules into my sons smoothies and food to add more nutrients and minerals to his diet.

Maddie (Perth, AU)
Love them!

Have been taking these for almost a week now and feel like they’re really supporting my energy during the day, being 5 months postpartum!

Love Ya Guts Box One Time Purchase
Suzannah Watkinson (Adelaide, AU)
Highly recommended!

The LYG box is a game changer! The results speak for themself. I didn't realise how much of what I thought was extra weight, was actually just inflammation. I am feeling amazing! And this is only box 1....I'm excited to see how I'll feel after box 6🙏

Love Ya Guts Foundation Box
Karen C (Papamoa, NZ)
foundation box

I love the products in love ya guts. Easy to take, good results.