• Beef Spleen Contains 5x More Heme Iron Than Beef Liver
  • Used As A Natural Blood Builder To Create Healthy Blood In Chinese Medicine
  • Contains Special Natural Peptides Such As Tuftsin & Splenopentin Which Have Been Shown To Enhance Immune Health. 
  • Spleen Contains Alkylglycerols, Which Serve As Powerful Immune System Boosters, Helping Fight Infections
  • Increase Iron Levels Without Being Constipated Like Other Iron Supplements
  • Sources From The Finest 100% Grassfed New Zealand Beef
  • Free From Additives, Preservatives, Fillers

Sourced from 100% grassfed and finished pasture raised cows in the lush green country of New Zealand:

  • - 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished (No grains ever)
  • - 100% Hormone free
  • - 100% Antibiotic free
  • - GMO free
  • - Humanely & Sustainably grown

Straight from the source, The beef spleen is simply freeze dried to retain nutrient value and then milled and encapsulated for easy consumption. No fillers, no flowing agents, no colours, no preservatives - just simply the quality beef organs you can possibly get in an easy to consume capsule form.

Beef organs have been used for centuries in traditional cultures to nourish themselves with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Some cultures eat organs raw with salt and pepper however we completely understand that's not for everyone hence the reason we created the capsule version of this wonderful blend.

Traditional cultures believed that the organ they ate had a like for like benefit to their bodies, for example liver would support liver and heart would support their heart. This makes sense when you look deeper at the micronutrients for example beef heart contains coQ10 which is extremley important for a healthy heart, Tripe and intestines contain digestive enzymes and naturally occuring probiotics that are neccesary to support our own gut and digestion

Health Benefits Of Our Beef Spleen

  • - The top spleen-specific peptides, tuftsin and splenopentin, may stimulate your immune system’s macrophages (infection-fighting white blood cells) en route to improving overall immunity
  • - Contains 5x more heme iron than liver which is essential for low iron levels and producing fully oxygenated blood
  • - Beef spleen is also rich in niacin AKA vitamin B3.Niacin plays an important role in cognitive function and also helps your body utilize carbohydrates for fuel
  • - Contains adequate amounts of phosphorus which is essential for filtering and removing waste from the kidneys, building blocks for healthy cells & repairing damaged tissue, keeps blood ph levels balanced.
  • - High quality protein
  • - Prevents anemia as it’s rich in iron
  • - High amounts of vitamin B12 which is essential for energy production, brain health and mental function

Consume 2-4 capsules per day, whole, or open and sprinkle on food or drink as desired.

Grassfed & Finished New Zealand Beef Spleen, Gelatin Capsule.

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