This service is here for you, so you can work one on one with our Love Ya Guts accredited clinical Naturopaths.

The core of Love Ya Guts is focused on helping YOU achieve the best health you can. Sometimes that means diving further and doing some more investigation into your body, your history, and getting to the root issue of your symptoms.

This is why we have opened up our very own Love Ya Guts Naturopathy service.

Our team are focused on seeing you feel supported through your journey, getting to the bottom of your symptoms, empowering you with simple and highly effective treatments and giving you the knowledge you need to improve your health!

While our passion is gut health, our nutritionists are specialised in treating all facets of health conditions that can stem from our gastrointestinal health such as hormone health, skin health, immune health and mental health!

We reach far greater than where we are based and love offering phone and video consultations nationally so we can help you at a time that is convenient for you.

Book in now for your comprehensive initial appointment with our team!


We are all about taking simple and sustainable steps for improving gut health… but sometimes the power of individualised and science based therapeutic nutrition treatment is exactly what you need to understand the root problem. This service is for you if...


You can’t get a proper answer from your doctor or specialist about what could be going on

You are at your wits end and frustrated with your symptoms and need some clear answers plus treatment

You are sick of spending money on things that aren’t exactly what you need

You need something sustainable that is exactly what your body needs.

You want a sustainable treatment plan that is tailored for you and your lifestyle

You want reliable accountability on your journey



Our team are passionate about making sure you are equipped with education and understanding of your health concern/s. Making sure you know how the symptom/s developed and the steps you need to take to achieve optimal health.

  • Giving you step by step treatment plans, making sure the changes are made comfortably and sustainably. The goal isn’t to overload you but to work with you.
  • Giving you personalised and clear nutrition and dietary plans that are easy to implement and allow you to make great changes at ease.
  • Giving you the level of support and accountability that you undoubtedly need to work through your health concern/s.

We would love to work with you and help you achieve optimal health! Please book in with our accredited naturopath below and take the next step necessary for your journey.


Your complete 12 week Gut health and Testing package

We are passionate about gut health. You are most likely here because you have a/many digestive health complaints that you are desperate to get to the bottom off!

This is why we have put together this comprehensive package for you.

12 weeks is a short amount of time to be able to get the answers you have been looking for and a specific and sustainable treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health! We love seeing you commit to our LYG treatment package as we are passionate about being there every step of the way for you.

It never should be overwhelming for you which is why we have spread this out over 12 weeks so you can take it step by step and understand what is going on in your body and how to treat it and prevent it from reoccurring!

This includes:

  • 1 x 90 minute initial Consultation
  • 1 x 45 minute follow up consultation
  • 3 x 30 minute check in consultations
  • 7 day individualised food plan
  • Specific digestive health testing that is recommended for you (price of any functional testing is not included in package price)
  • Regular email contact with your practitioner in between consultations as needed for all of your questions and concerns

90 minute Comprehensive Initial Consultation

This is your starting point and is the only option when you are first booking in!

Your initial consultation includes:

  • A full health assessment and dietary history
  • Dietary evaluation and recommendation changes for individualised treatment
  • Recommendations for nutrition supplementation
  • Ordered testing where necessary.
  • Please note in order to treat your symptoms and investigate the root issue there may need to be further testing requested.
  • These can include general blood tests, IgG/IgA food intolerance testing, RAST testing (allergies), Comprehensive Stool Testing, Parsitology (parasite, bacteria, Yeast testing), DUTCH hormonal testing. **The cost of testing is in additional to the consult cost.

Extended Follow Up Consultation 45-60 minutes

The follow up consultation our team provides is a critical step to your individualised treatment.

This includes:

  • Evaluation of your test results
  • Assess progress from supplementation/ nutrition treatment plans and provide changes where necessary
  • Provide accountability to the changes that are necessary for you
  • Supporting you through any questions plus equipping you with continual education that is necessary for the treatment to be sustainable

Follow Up Appointment 30 minutes

Once you are past the 4 week mark of working with our accredited nutritionist we then find 30 minute follow ups to be sufficient.

These include:

  • - Continual support and accountability through your treatment
  • - Updated treatment depending on nutrition changes needed or supplemental changes required.
  • - Testing reviews/ reordering
  • - Check in point for progress

7 Day Personalised Food Plan

We know that it is important that you have the specialised guidance that you need to implement nutritional change. A personalised 7 day food plan is a great way to take the overwhelm out of what steps you need to take if you need more specific planning with your food intake.

We will ensure your food plan has:

  • A variety of food/ meals for your week
  • Practical plans/ menus that are realistic for you and your lifestyle
  • Recipes plus shopping list
  • Considered your family/ work lifestyle so you aren’t cooking different meals for different people!
  • That it is delicious! What’s the point if it isn’t, we want this to be easy and sustainable for you!

This service is available for new and existing clients.

For all New clients we will first need to book you in for a 60 minute consultation to ensure your plan is catered for you!


Miriam Connelly

Miriam Connelly is a practicing naturopath and health enthusiast. Her approach to health and nutrition is simple: keep things achievable, sustainable and practical to build a solid foundation for optimal health.

She is passionate about helping people achieve optimal health and wellbeing through understanding their story, helping them understand the ‘why’ and treating patient’s individually. Through this she is able to assist in finding solutions to patient’s health concerns that fit in with everyday life and allow them to get back to doing the things they love!

Having completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Miriam is passionate about herbal and nutritional medicine. She takes a particular interest in skin conditions (acute and chronic) such as acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc, and loves educating and introducing patients to small solutions that make a big difference!

Other areas that she is experienced in include digestive health, hormonal imbalances, anxiety related conditions, and the impact that stress has on everyday life. She works hard to stay up to date with the ongoing findings and research in the field of naturopathy making sure you are getting the best level and relevant treatment that you deserve. Her clinical nutrition and herbal medicine experience will allow you to feel at ease knowing you are in the best hands to guide you through your treatment.  Her aim is to educate, empower, inspire and motivate patients to live a wholesome and healthy life!