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  • Organic Bentonite Clay - Value $49.95
  • LYG Might Minerals - Value $59.95
  • LYG Liver Lover Detox Tea - Value $29.95
  • Grass fed Gelatin - Value $29.95
  • LYG Wow Powder - Value $69.95
  • 30 Day Gut Health Guide & Recipe Book - Value $39.99
  • Lifetime Access To Our Love Ya Guts Facebook Community With Fully Qualified Nutritionists & Naturopaths So You Can Be Supported Along Your Journey & Have All Your Questions Answered By Professionals - Value $197

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Our 30 day Love Ya Guts guidelines and recipes go hand in hand with the LYG box. We have created this program to be interactive and also super fun in our online community! This resource is full of tips, guidelines and amazing recipes collected by a group of beautiful nutritionist, dieticians and businesses. 

Why is this guideline booklet SO important???

1. Realistic Approach

Unlike your standard healthy eating program, it teaches you to how to use food in such an amazing way so it can start to create a healthy gut and digestive system. We love adopting a realistic approach by creating lifestyle habits but only in baby steps. You definitely can't change everything at once! We’ve done the research, and going cold turkey does not work. Trust us.

2. Day by Day

There is no need to throw yourself into clean eating all at once. We love to take each women through a day to day process. Focusing on one simple thing at a time. Over the 30 days in our online community group we provide daily tasks and guidelines that will help you build upon each day! This will set you up for long-term success! This is what we are all about... especially when it comes to the gut! 

3. Get Skills for Life

Fixing your digestion and healing the gut is more than a meal plan. These 30 days educates you on how to utilise food in a beautiful and nourishing way but also how to reduce stress and become in tune with what your belly likes and dislikes! These are skills that you will adopt for life. 

4. No Calorie Counting

This is one thing we are big on. We don't want you to count calories, feel pressure to track your weight or feel like you are on a diet! This is where things become stressful and exhaustive. The 30 days and beyond will enable you to take the pressure off and just enjoy every meal! Although we are focusing on gut health this program will allow you to change your mindset and the possessive power that food can hold over our thoughts! 

To get the full benefits of this book, make sure you join our online community and register for the next 30 day LYG challenge! 

If you were to purchase these separately = $476.74. But today our boxes start from only $71.40/month.

Gut Friendly

Dairy Free

Grass Fed

Gluten Free

  • Either 1, 3 or 6 months of Love Ya Guts boxes. 
  • Delivered every 4 weeks!
  • Starting from just $71.40/month
  • Access to your very own team of nutritionist where you can ask questions about you and your symptoms
  • New products delivered each month. You are receiving our foundation products first…but each box will have something new
  • Last but not least every month you subscribe to you will feed a child in Ethiopia for one entire week at school. 

Love Ya Guts knows that sometimes a subscription can be daunting BUT is absolutely necessary when it comes to getting to the root problem of your gut issues.

It takes patience and consistency to heal your gut and get the micro biome back to the best environment. These products that you will recieve are absolutely amazing BUT only if you take them each day and stay consistent. We believe a 3 month period is a great start BUT 6 Months is the perfect time frame for the products to have the most optimal effect.

Subscription makes it super easy for you!

Your Love Ya Guts Box will be delivered every four weeks so you can simply continue taking the products each day and never run out!!

The 3 month requires a minimum of 3 month commitment and the same with the 6 month subscription. Our month to month subscription will be renewed each month until the customer cancels... it gives you the flexibility to cancel cancel at anytime. You can just email to cancel your subscription.

We require 5 days notice for your cancellation of the month to month subscription.

When will my Love Ya Guts Box arrive?

We now ship every Monday morning.

Shipping is free for all Australian Metro areas, but there is a small charge for any remote or regional area. Just head to the check out page to determine your shipping cost.

There will be a small charge of $10 for remote/rural postcodes.