W.O.W Powder

  • A power packed blend of essential minerals and organic herbs this is a game changer for digestion, energy, mood and overall health!

  • The W.O.W powder not only assist in restoring the immunity but also helps repair and restore the gut lining as well as the gut micro biome.

    Some of the benefits of each ingredient include:

    Beetroot: Full of fibre and phosphorous which can stimulate more efficient absorption of specific nutrients and minerals.

    Ashwaganda: Has anti-inflammatory benefits and especially useful in soothing stress related stomach issues.

    Slippery Elm Bark: Coats the digestive tract; high in antioxidants; works to improve constipation, bloating and diarrhoea.

    MSM & Magnesium: Both essential minerals that help restore and maintain the digestive tract integrity. Also strengthens the immunity.

  • The W.O.W powder can simply be taking in glass of water throughout the day. The beetroot powder holds nitric oxide which is proven to be a great, natural pre workout. We love to include ours in smoothies and juice to add extra nutrients and minerals.

  • INGREDIENTS: Organic beetroot powder, slippery elm, Spirilina, Ashwaganda, MSM, Magnesium, true Cinnamon