Grass fed Gelatin


Our LYG 100% Natural, Grass Fed Gelatin is made from super, grass fed nutritious beef bones and connective tissue. Gelatin is a complete protein source which provides essential amino acids necessary for tissue building and repair within multiple areas of the body, allowing the body to heal from the inside out!


How is gelatin good for you?

As a natural source of protein, our gelatin is made up of essential, non-essential and conditionally-essential amino acids to contribute to the building and repair of bodily tissues. Specifically our gelatin is 20 percent glysine, 10 percent glutamine, 12 percent proline, and 12 percent hydroxyproline which are the amino acids that contribute the building blocks necessary for this to occur and will influence the beneficial effects the protein content has on these tissues.

Why Take it Every Day?

The amino acid profile in Gelatin is something that is commonly missing from most people’s every day diet. Some of the amazing benefits include:

  • Repairing connective tissue.
  • Supporting the gastrointestinal system as the glycine contained in gelatin can help to repair the intestinal wall and most importantly assists the body to digest foods, thereby decreasing your bodies susceptibility to food allergies.
  • The keratin from Gelatin can also assist with improving hair and nails.

Nutritional Info

100% Grassfed, Pasture raised Bovine Gelatin

Serving Size - 8-10g Servings per Package - 20
Avg. Qty. per Serve % DI/RDI Avg. Qty. per 100 g
150 kJ
8.8 g
<1 g
<1 g
<1 g
<1 g
30 mg
15 %
1500 kJ
88.0 g
<1 g
<1 g
<1 g
<1 g
300 mg

Percentage Daily Intakes/Recommended Dietary Intakes based on the average adult diet of 8700 kJ per day. Manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, lupin, tree nuts, and sesame.

Grams per 100 g
Glycine 21.40
Alanine 8.90
Arginine 7.80
Aspartic acid 6.00
Glutamic Acid 10.00
Histidine 0.80
Proline 12.40
Hydroxyproline 11.90
Lysine 3.50
Hydroxylysine 1.00
Leucine 3.30
Isoleucine 1.50
Methionine 0.70
Phenylalanine 2.40